My tiny contribution into a very hard work of trying to make this planet a better place…

They say that once you have seen something , it can not be unseen. Once you acknowledge something, you can not simply unknown it.

I don’t tell people what to do. I am not a fighter. I am not even an activist. I dont go around trying to tell people to stop doing this or that. No. I am no-one to tell people how to leave, what to think, what to eat….Once you start doing it, people became aggressive and I dont like to fight and argue…

There is so much going on on this planet but I do believe in humanity, I want to believe that people are good at heart….

Wars, rapes, killing, abusive behavior, violence, organ harvesting, atrocities, bombing, beating, lashing, testing, peeling of the skin alive, boiling, torturing… Blood. The bad blood. Blood everywhere. Meat. Animal meat. Human meat….Disrespectful treatment. We all became objects. Injustice, lack of respect. Bad goods distribution. Selfishness. Lost of our values.We forgot what is important in life, our morals are gone. We treat each other like piece of meat. Worthless one. There is so much pain out there…

Knowing all that, how can I…. eat meat?

Blood, blood, blood.

I am not going to try to convince you to go vegan. This post is not about eating meat as such, it is more about my approach towards other beings, live creatures, both: animals and people.

When it comes to food, I have to admit that – like most of us – most of my life I lived in denial. I did not wanted to know how it is made. I refused to think there is any cruelty involved. I wanted to believe that all killing is done in humane way. I was convinced that animals lives happy life until their time come. And then they are dying in quick and painless way.

The time passed by, I grew up ans started thinking. Started to live more conscious life. As I mentioned at the beginning, once you seen something – it can not be unseen, and during my searching of better (in my opinion) and healthier  life style I saw things that were so disturbing, I would like to forget about them. Erase them from my memory. What I saw was the inconvenient and painful truth. The truth we don’t want to know, because it is too painful and too hard to take. The evil truth we create and we don’t like to be linked to anything that is considered as bad or evil. People don’t like to be tagged as the bad ones. We want to live in safe and happy place so we choose not to know. Acknowledging the truth would be equal to admitting that we are part of the crime. We would have to admit that we are the murders and that would make us upset, sad and angry. We would be disturbed. Our luxurious lives would be damaged.

Our lives would be changed. Weather it would be a good or a bad change – it depends on the person. Personally I think changes are always good. It all depends on somebody’s ability to adapt to a change.


Why did I choose to exclude myself from meat eaters community?

Well….I understood something. I realized that it is not about “can” and “can not” but about what I  want or don’t want. Being vegan doesn’t mean that you can not eat meat, drink milk, eat eggs, cheese and honey, wear skin jackets or riding on an elephant. Being vegan means to not cause any suffering. To do as little harm to this planet as possible. It is about not do to another live creature what you don’t want to be done to you. As simple as that. Respect. I can eat meat but I choose not to because now I know what does it take. Because I acknowledged myself with the truth that most of us don’t know about…

The hidden atrocities are quite vivid actually.

There is a very famous photo, taken by Kevin Carter in 1993 in Sudan. The photo shows a starving kid and a vulture waiting for his prey just few steps behind the little boy. Impossible to stay not touched by the image. Somehow this photo is always in my mind when I read facts, such as the report confirming that 80% of grains growing in poor countries, where people are literally starving to death, is being send to Western countries to feed the live stock….

How can I eat meat knowing all that? Knowing that the grain could have been used to feed the people? To save their lives?! Could keep them alive and instead was used to feed a cow (!) which is going to be slaughtered so we can have a steak, and not because we have to have it, but simply because we feel like it.

This kid from the photo…. in the eyes of the vulture was a simple piece of meat. Still breathing, still moving, but only piece of meat….


Right now, while I am writing it, somewhere on the planet a kid is dying as a result of bombing. In a day or two they will find his or her lifeless, tiny body and they will shake it in despair… They will shake it like a piece of meat… which the little innocent kid eventually become.

In this minute, this particular second somewhere on the planet, some woman is being raped by a gang of sick monsters who treats her body with no respect, exactly the same way we treat meat…

We still divide ourselves into two groups: thin ones, considered as healthy and beautiful and the fat ones, meaning ugly and worthless. Isn’t it the same way we check the meat at the counter?

I could continue like that for hours. So many stories and example to bring.

I will tell you one last one…. Once I clicked on wrong link and ended up on a wrong site. I truly  would like to forget about what I’ve seen….

Among dozens of men gathered in a circle, was lying a body of a young soldier. They were laughing and scanding as if celebrating something. There were few years old boys among them.

I kept on watching. The guy took a knife and started to cut. It took him a while before he could pick the head up and cheer the crowd even more. He was chopping the head off the lifeless body exactly the way we would cut off a meat from the bone.

Then I clicked on “replay”. Why? I wanted to believe that what I’ve just watched was just well made clip for some sick propaganda’s purpose. So I watched it again, carefully studying every detail, searching for proof that it is not a real footage video. It was. The piece of meat which used to be a human, a young soldier, now was moving accordingly to the movement of the knife.


I guess my brain couldn’t contain it anymore. All those terrible, horrifying pictures were “attacking” me from everywhere all of sudden. Internet, newspapers, radio… Blood everywhere. Bad blood. Blood shed for money. Blood shed for nothing. Kids blood, woman blood, man blood, animal blood…. Rivers of blood going straight from the slaughterhouse into the main river… the same one that feeds our plants, same one from which the water we use each time we open the tab….

Injustice. Inequality. Terror. Suffering of innocent. Lying. Bullying. Backstabbing. Hypocrisy. Denial. Wrong distribution. Wrong logistic. Unfair judging. Lack of compassion. World is going into bad direction….

Will it ever be good? We are paying the price for mistakes of our predecessors. They, just like us, were thinking there is nothing they can do because it all went too far, so they remained passive inside of their safety zones. We simply copy the scheme hoping that our kids will fix the world… making the same mistake. Shame on us.

I don’t eat meat for many reasons. The main one and the only one really worth to mention is:  the knowledge. Knowledge is the key. I know too much….

I am trying to be a good person. My choice is not to harm. Not only for animals. Not for people. It is for the World. It is my little, tiny contribution into a very hard work of trying to make this planet a better place….

Will we succeed?


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