I hate weekends. I literally do. They doesn’t matter anymore. I’m at home anyway. I’m staying home whole week. So who cares? I have a weekend all week round…

I do hate weekends nowadays. Those are days when I know I will not get any answer from any company and none who is searching for new employees.

Those two days are not different from any other day of the week. Simply because it is not like I am working my ass off Monday-Friday nine to five. It is not even the exciting lack of routine granted by shift work or working on a duty roster.  It is 24/7  anxiety/ frustration.

I cant say that I am bored. I have never had so much time to read books for example! I have never had so much time to do…whatever I want! Well “whatever” limited by lack of money so not much left, heh?

In fact there is plenty things to do with no money, but it is not about that. It is about the fact that there is no purpose in it. How many books you can read, how many meals you can cook, how many languages you can learn or how spotless your flat can be if there is no appreciation? If none is telling you at least “good job” or “well done”?  It is  not like my husband does not appreciate those things but… Do you know what I mean??? None is paying me for all those things. Being (hopeless) housewife it is not what I want!  I want to wake up everyday with some bad swear on my lips and promise made to myself that I will sleep as long as humanly possible during the weekend. I want to dream about holidays. I want to keep on checking my payslip if they didn’t forget to include my overtime and I want to be angry at the cleaner lady that she moved some stuff on my desk! I miss those days! I miss my mornings when I was wondering what to wear, if I ‘ll find parking space, what new will my boss come up with, who is going to resign today, what new face I ‘ll find in the office, with whom I going to eat my lunch! I want to check my watch every now and then and freak out while checking my FB page with unexpected CEO behind my back…

So why did you quit you may ask? Well…

I hate weekends!



  1. stephieme77 · December 13, 2015

    Hello there! Cheer up! :)Maybe you can think of weekends as a day where by you could spend more time with your loved ones, probably because they wouldn’t need to go to school or work that day? Hehe, maybe you could try to start a food blog or a book review blog, it may give you more purpose in life?:) Something like working at home?


    • Empty1981 · December 14, 2015

      Thank you stephieme77 🙂 You are right, there is plenty things to do I know. Ill try to follow…


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