Just counted. Within last month I have applied  for job 27 times. I have sent 27 CV’s. Within 3 weeks actually as I forgot I’ve got friends over…. 😉

Is it enough? I don’t think so. I should try harder! There is so many companies! Well… not all of them are looking for new employees but always worth to try, right? I don’t know how many websites I have visited so far, but millions I think! Unfortunately most of the time all I can see is something that I could only dream about…Only if. Bloody “IF’s” ! If I could only do this or if I could only know how to do that or if I could only speak this and that language….. Aggghhhhrrr!!!!

Should I be motivated or frustrated?

Off to send another CV… (by the way: they say that ability to navigate in WordPress is an important skill so…I will keep on writing)



Where to start…? Good question.

Lets start with:  I quit my job.

I couldn’t take it anymore.


Sending CV’s.

Waiting for answer.

Why did I quit? Long story. They say that changes are always good. I would agree. I do agree actually. Just sometimes the way changes are implemented is not good or the person who is trying to enforce new ideas is not good.

Also I was told that I am resistant to changes. Me!  I-a-m-r-e-s-i-s-t-a-n-t-t-o-c-h-a-n-g-e-s! I have left my country over ten years ago. I am dealing with multinational society, I have been working for few international companies, I am traveling around the world, I am changing my hair color every month, I quit meat… and yet they are telling me that I am resistant to change!

Am I pissed? Hell yes!

Anyway, I quit. I decided to quit the big corporation life and find something new. Another corpo? Start-up? Small company? Local? International? Well….whatever comes my way I would say, but what do I really want? Do I want to go back to the same shit? No. Well….yes.I need money! So do I need money or something new in my life? Both!! Can I afford the change? No. Why? Because I am not a good planner and didn’t have a strategy, didn’t save enough money to support myself for long and to be able to be fussy when it comes to new job. What do I do now? Panicking obviously! It is been a moth already and I ‘ve screwed two (!) interviews so far, received few “No thank you” answers to my applications and have no views for something new whatsoever!

The thing is that it is not as easy as I thought. In my age, with no experience in the area I would like to go and no friends in proper places I have like zero percent chances to get what I want.  Maybe one if I will be really, really stubborn. Perseverance they say…